Sandbag, Tire Flips, and Sprints Workout

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Today I got to the gym at about 7am and I just did my own thing. I’ve decided that I’m going to do really heavy, intense workouts monday and thursday, and then my mma workouts on tuesdays and fridays with wednesdays off.

I started off with some squats. I did 3 sets of 10, 8, and 6. Then I did bench with the same sets and reps.

Next I did pullups. I’m still weak at overhand widegrip pullups and I want to get to where I can do 20 at one time with good form. Anyways, I did as many as I could do until my sets equaled 20. I did 6,5,5, and then 4.

I’ve been wanting to do more sandbag workouts and tire flip workouts and spront workouts so I decided to make a circuit out all 3.

First I did 3 minutes of hitting the tire with the sledgehammer, then 3 minutes of sandbag cleans(freakin brutal), then 3 minutes of tire flips( its a big-ass tractor tire not a scooter tire), then I put a smaller tire on the harness and did 3 minutes of non stop 50 yard sprints. My last set was 3 minutes of 50 yard sprints just bodyweight.

Today was one of my better workouts- I feel exhausted and depleted but its a good exhausted.


28 April 2009

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This morning I woke up late for my mma workout. I missed the 6am kickboxing class- so I just went to Renegade at 7. After our warmups- the first circuit we did was a series of single-leg exercises.

The first exercise was box jumps. 12 box jumps then I went to the cable machine and did prone-single-leg presses, 12 on each leg . The third exercise was step ups with a twist:with a bar on my shoulders, and then one foot already on the box, I had a band around the foot on the floor and it was connected to a bench. Then I raised the leg with the band up and then stood up onto the foot that was already on the box and lifted the banded foot into a high knee position and held it for 3 seconds. 12 on each leg. We did the circuit 3 times.

The next circuit we did was upper body. We started by lying on our side in front of the cable machine and then raising up on our elbow and doing single arm rows with the upper arm- 12 on each arm.

The second exercise was 1 arm pushups with the cable in the off hand for support. 12 on each arm.

For the last exercise in the circuit we put a barbell in a corner and then a plate on the end and lifted it up, held it in one hand, and then did a squat and then as we came back up we pressed the barbell with the one arm. Then we switched arms on each rep for 20 reps. We did this circuit 3 times as well.

It was a great mma workout and some great circuit workouts.

MMA Renegade Circuit Routine – Shoulders and Chest

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This morning Lee and I got up ready to conquer the world, or at least conquer our workout. We were a little sore from our kick boxing yesterday but that never stops us.

Shoulders and chest were the focus this morning. We started the workout with a 5 minute warm up. This was similar to yesterdays warm up. We mixed in jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, and body squats. It’s a sure way to get your heart pumping real quick.

The first leg of the workout consisted of four stations. Instead of having a time limit at each station, we just completed a number of reps. We circled through each station four time. Here is how it went:

Station one: Using a two cable pull-down lat machine, we did ten reps of rows from a squat position. Good form meant keeping your chest out, shoulders down, and pinching your shoulder blades together on each row.

Station two: Here we set up two 10 inch aerobic step pads a little wider than shoulder width apart. We did an exploding push-up from the ground, ending with our hands on the step pads, and walking our hands back down to the ground. We did 15-20 reps, to exhaustion if possible.

mma routine, cable machine

mma routine, cable machine

Station three: Here we used the pulley machine. We positioned the arms to do a push/pull movement, left arm pushing forward and up while the right arm pulled down and back. Good form, again, meant keeping your chest out and shoulders down. If you are tall, squat a little so the cable doesn’t rub against your arm. We completed 15 reps at this station.

Station four: This station was the same as station three, only the movements were reversed. Here the right arm pushed forward and up while the left arm pulled down and back. To avoid having to reposition the pulley machine arms from station three each time, we just used another pulley machine to do station four. Again, we did 15 reps at this station.

The second leg of this workout consisted of only two stations. We rotated through each of these stations three times.

Station one: Here we used a pilates ball and two 3 lb. hand weights. We laid on our stomach with the ball under our hips and the weights in each hand. The movement starts with your arms hanging down doing a rowing motion so your arms are out and elbows bent 90 degrees hanging down. From there you rotate your arms up 90 degrees, keeping your elbows in position and then press your arms up over your head similar to a military press motion. Reverse the motion and you’ve got it. Using 3 lb. weights might not seem like a lot, but it will work your rotator cuff like crazy. I promise, if you are doing it right it will burn really quick. We did 10 reps of this.

Station two: For this station all we needed were two dumbbells. I used two 17.5 lb dumbbells. Lee used 15 lb dumbbells for the first two sets, but raised it to 20 lb dumbbells for the third set cuz he felt like a wussy. This was a balancing row exercise. We balanced on one foot, bent over and extended the other leg back straight. From there we did 10 rows with the dumbbells. Good form meant pinching your shoulder blades together and keeping your chest out. We did 10 reps balancing on each leg.

This might not seem like a lot to do in one workout, but believe me, Lee and I were pretty beat after that workout. The key is to maintain good form throughout each exercise. It is so tempting to cheat (since it’s way easier to do) but you will never work out the right muscles and never get stronger.

Early Morning MMA Kickboxing Routine

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mma routine, mma routines, mma workouts

mma routine, mma routines, mma workouts

Things started off this morning at 5:30am with Lee my workout partner waking me up. After some N.O. Xplode we were off to the gym. Usually the 6am kickboxing class is pretty full and today was no exception. The early morning kickboxing class has become a staple in our mma routine. Every class starts out with a 5 minute warmup consisting of jumping jacks, pushups, burpees, and mountain climbers. The fact that you are dead asleep only 15 minutes prior to this makes it the worst part of the whole workout.

After the warmup we went into the circuit room and there was 4 stations setup. Each station was 5 minutes long and consisted of 2 exercises as follows:

Station 1: I did 10 pullups w/a band while Lee did 10 pushups on the half ball. When we had each done ten reps we switched and continued for 5 minutes. No rest between exercises or stations.

Station 2: Lying on my back while gripping a kettlebell sitting behind my head as an anchor, I raised my knees to my chin and then lowered them back down about 6 inches and then repeated for 15 reps. At the same time, Lee was lying on the half-ball doing left-knee to right-elbow crunches and vice versa, ten on each side. Again we just kept switching for 5 full minutes.

Station 3: One of us was on the pulley machine, prone on our elbows and knees doing single-leg presses; basically extending the leg straight up with the cable attached to the foot:ten reps on each leg. The other person was doing alternate split jumps; ten on each leg using a plyo-box.

Station 4: We each stood on top of a tractor tire laying on its side, and we simply did 10 basic jumps, then switched to alternating split jumps on the front and back of the tire. We continued this for 2.5 minutes. For the next 2.5 minutes, we simply side-jumped back and forth over a 20″ hurdle.

That was the end of the circuits, and they were pretty brutal. Next, we put on our gloves and headed to the bags.

Lee and I partnered up again and we stood on opposite sides of the heavy bag and simultaneously did 40 low kicks on each leg.

Lee then put on the hands pads, and I did progressive set of jab-cross-leg kicks. So it went one jab, one cross, one leg kick, and then two jab/crosses and two leg kicks. Then three jab/crosses, and three legs kicks and so on up to ten each, and then went back down to one. Then we switched and Lee was the striker/kicker.

For the last 5 minutes of class, we each went to a bag and did 20 sec. spring punching on, 10 sec. off. We did that for 5 full minutes.